Terms & Conditions

Bookflightshop.com has a single goal: complete client satisfaction. We are open and honest about our terms and conditions policy with customers. Our organization's secret terms and conditions policy is displayed on our Bookflightshop. Before using our services, we recommend that every customer read and understand all the terms and conditions. When a customer visits our Bookflightshop, it indicates that they have accepted to our terms and conditions. Customers are able to exit our Bookflightshop if they encounter difficulties or obstacles while using it. They may not use our Bookflightshop if they do not agree with our terms and conditions.

Remember that we have complete power and the ability to change our conditions and terms at any time. Every consumer must comprehend all conditions, terms, and policies. If any subscriber visits the Bookflightshop and uses our service after all revisions, we will consider that they have accepted our terms and conditions.

1. Our General Terms and Conditions

Before accessing and browsing our Bookflightshop, we would like to inform all customers that we are subject to certain regulations and legislation. Users must understand all the rules and conditions posted on our Bookflightshop. You must accept our terms and conditions when viewing our Bookflightshop. In general, we have found that users do not read all such terms and conditions. Customers should not use our Bookflightshop in this circumstance since we will not be held liable for any fault or disagreement.

It is the responsibility of each individual user to comprehend all the Bookflightshop's rules and regulations. If a user does not agree with our regulations and laws, he or she is free to leave our Bookflightshop. Staying on our Bookflightshop indicates your complete agreement with the rules and legislation.

2. General Details

Payment for flight reservations must be made through our Bookflightshop. If you do not make the payment before the scheduled flight, the organisation has the right to cancel your flight. After making a successful payment, users will receive a complete flight booking confirmation. The service allows users to alter and cancel their flight reservations without incurring any more fees or penalties. But, to receive a full refund, users must notify us of the flight reservation alteration and cancellation as soon as possible.

3. Accountability

When you use our Bookflightshop to book flights, we presume you are responsible for maintaining the privacy of your account details. You must accept responsibility for whatever happens with your account and password.

4. Our Users' Agreement

We distribute various flight booking information and services via various airlines. We are a separate entity. We never profess to be an airline. We act as go-betweens for customers and travel Bookflightshops. We are a booking or travel agency that acts as a link between the services and goods featured on the Bookflightshop. When you book a flight using our Bookflightshop, you will be directed to other Bookflightshops. As a result, we are not a legal entity for the services and products available on our Bookflightshop. We are a conduit through which you can compare different airplane ticket prices from other Bookflightshops.

If you have any questions, concerns, or complications with your flight booking, you must contact the appropriate airline. We accept no responsibility for the various travel services and commodities provided by the airline. We represent travel suppliers' deals and savings. As a result, we have no involvement in any disputes.